Mission Edge seeks to be a leader and innovator of social change in our corner of the world. Our programmatic strategy aims to leverage the resources, skills, and innovation from both the nonprofit sector and the business world to help accelerate this social change and create sustainable solutions for some of the community’s most pressing needs.

By fostering connections and collaboration across sectors, programs such as Transition Edge, Skills-Based Volunteering and Encore Fellowship harness new perspectives and create a multiplier effect that allows nonprofits to reach more people and do more good.

For Veterans

Transition Edge

Transition Edge provides On-the-Job Training (OJT) and mentoring to veterans who are transitioning from the military to civilian life and connects veterans to nonprofits working in the community. Our goal is to help break down the barrier that exists between the civilian and military sectors and enable the community to see the benefit of the tremendous capabilities and values that former military members bring to the workplace.

For Corporations

Skills-Based Volunteering

Skills-Based Volunteering is designed to build high-functioning teams of corporate and nonprofit professionals to collectively tackle the pressing needs of nonprofit organizations in areas such as marketing, finance, legal and technology. By providing a structured environment with clear goals, the program activates volunteers who want to address solutions in the social sector to create real change, while having a rewarding experience and driving employee satisfaction.

Both nonprofits and corporations are provided with tools, training and relationship management resources during every phase of the program.

For Corporations

Encore Fellowships

The Encore Fellowships Program matches corporate retirees with nonprofit organizations. Encore Fellows complete a high-impact assignment working in a nonprofit for six to twelve months. They earn a stipend and learn about the nonprofit sector while helping organizations build capacity. By engaging experienced professionals at the middle or end of their careers in skills-based service, the program provides nonprofit organizations with affordable access to professional expertise, best practices, and tools to increase organizational effectiveness.