Our Skills-Based Volunteering (SBV) program is designed to build high-functioning teams of corporate and nonprofit professionals to collectively tackle the pressing needs of nonprofit organizations, such as marketing, finance, strategic planning, and technology. By providing a structured environment with clear goals, SBV activates volunteers who want to address solutions in the social sector to create real change, while having a rewarding experience and driving employee satisfaction.


Skills-Based Volunteering provides nonprofit organizations with affordable access to professional expertise in the form of volunteerism to bring best practice and tools to increase organizational growth. By collaborating with individuals from outside the nonprofit sector, organizations have the ability to harness new perspectives and apply techniques that are proven to be successful in the for-profit sector. The program helps nonprofits:

  • Create collective effect that allows nonprofits to reach more people and do more good by developing their organizations.
  • Promote the cultivation of relationships that could lead to longer-term board service and philanthropy.

If your nonprofit is interested in getting involved with Skills-Based Volunteering, please fill out the project proposal form here:


The program provides an opportunity for companies to simultaneously respond to the values of their employees while benefiting from the social investment. As the demographics and dynamics of the U.S. workforce shift, companies are realizing a need to address the socially-minded priorities of young, emerging professionals; a 2013 study by PricewaterhouseCoopers showed that 90% of recent graduates are more interested in joining a company whose social responsibility behavior reflects their own. Further, 91% of Fortune 500 human resources managers have said that volunteering knowledge and expertise to a nonprofit can be an effective way to cultivate business and leadership skills. Corporations with robust volunteer programs like IBM and Deloitte cite:

  • Enhanced brand identity and public relations
  • Attraction of new investors, and penetration into new markets

If your company is interested in getting involved with Skills-Based Volunteering, contact us today!