Mission LabsSan Diego Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL) Application

San Diego Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL) is a collaboration between The San Diego Foundation and Mission Edge with a focus on increasing financial sustainability in our region. Mission Edge will serve as the program content provider and provide expertise on enhancing financial stability so that organizations can best serve their clients and grow their impact. The purpose of SAIL is to help you develop a revenue-generating product or service that supports the mission of your organization. In the questions below, the term "social enterprise" refers to this revenue-generating model. If you have any questions during the application process, please email Alicia Quinn at alicia@missionedge.org. Please note that this application must be completed in one sitting. As such, we recommend reviewing the questions and gathering all needed information before filling out the application.
Organizational Information

8) Please indicate what percentage of your organization's revenue comes from the following:

Social Enterprise Goals & Objectives 


Final Steps
Immediately after submitting your application, please email the following documents to Alicia Quinn, Mission Edge, Director of Programs, at alicia@missionedge.org:
  • Audited financial statements from most recent fiscal year (if available)
  • Current operating budget (revenue and expenses)
  • List of Board of Directors

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