Richard Perez-Rishel

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Richard Perez-Rishel

Human Resources Coordinator

I joined Mission Edge after 12 years of experience in customer service, with the majority of it in hospitality. I enjoy delivering solid service to our clients and providing them with the tools to exceed their impact in our community. My educational background is in both English Literature and Psychology. Prior to Mission Edge, I served as an operations staff member for a local nonprofit called ARTS, A Reason to Survive.

At Mission Edge, I serve as the HR Assistant, providing our clients with sound HR support that allows them to focus on their mission-driven work rather than HR compliance. I enjoy what I do immensely. Every day brings a new set of challenges, opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.

When I’m not working I am enjoying the arts, whether it be music, literature or theater.

“Here’s to the fools who dream, crazy as they may seem”