We enable corporate employees to engage the community.


Corporations with robust volunteer programs like IBM and Deloitte cite enhanced brand identity and public relations, attraction of new investors and penetration into new markets.

The program helps nonprofits reach more people, do more good, and cultivate relationships that lead to long-term board service and philanthropy.


Skills-Based Volunteering

Skills-based volunteering (SBV) brings together high-functioning teams made up of corporate and nonprofit professionals to tackle the needs of nonprofit organizations. The program provides a structured environment and clear goals so that volunteers can enact solutions in the social sector that create real change.  Areas that are impacted include marketing, finance, legal and technology. Volunteers enjoy a rewarding experience and corporations that participate see increased employee satisfaction.

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Board Recruitment

Board Recruitment services are offered to nonprofit organizations seeking specific skill sets to add to their boards, and to employees of our corporate partners who are interested in serving on a nonprofit board of directors. With a wide network and a keen understanding of the sector’s needs, Mission Edge works with nonprofits to identify their board needs, assess the professional skills and interests of prospective board members, and facilitate introductions between executive directors and the individuals who are interested in board service.

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Encore Fellowships

The Encore Fellowship Program matches corporate retirees with nonprofit organizations. Encore Fellows complete a high-impact assignment working in a nonprofit for six to twelve months. They earn a stipend and learn about the nonprofit sector while helping organizations build capacity. By engaging experienced professionals at the middle or end of their careers in skills-based service, the program provides nonprofit organizations with affordable access to professional expertise, best practices, and tools to increase organizational effectiveness.

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Our goal with launching a skills-based volunteer program with Mission Edge was to give our employees a great giving back experience, but to also hopefully be able to roll the program out to the greater community so other companies and nonprofits could benefit from this type of program.
— Julia Dorfman, Qualcomm Incorporated