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The Value of Social Enterprise

This month, our CEO, Ken Davenport, talks with The San Diego Foundation about the value of social enterprise. Social enterprise is more than a strategy to create earned revenue streams; it’s a mindset shift.

“By diversifying revenue streams to include at least some earned income, organizations have more control of their destiny and are empowered to do more good,” says Ken. “The San Diego impact sector is ripe with ideas for social enterprise and we plan to help turn these ideas into reality.”

This summer, Mission Edge is launching the San Diego Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL) in partnership with The San Diego Foundation. The goal of SAIL is to empower nonprofit organizations and purpose-driven businesses to be more effective and financially viable, by helping them develop sustainable business models based on earned revenue.

“There has never been a better time for SAIL. Social enterprise accelerator programs like ours give organizations the opportunity to test assumptions about their customers and market, develop a business canvas that answers essential questions about their products or services, and confirm whether the market will pay for some or all of what they provide.” – Ken Davenport, CEO Mission Edge

SAIL includes both a structured 10-week curriculum, as well as customized consulting to help organizations assess opportunities, build a business model, test and validate ideas, and start or scale their social enterprises. This rapid accelerator-style process encourages organizations to develop profit-generating business strategies that support their bottom line, while still making a positive social impact.

Read our Q&A with The San Diego Foundation to learn more about the program and the value of social enterprise here.

If you are interested in learning more about SAIL, or if you want to support this innovative and impactful program, please contact Mission Edge at