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Mission Meetup: An Evening with Ellen Gustafson, Social Entrepreneur, Author, and Food Systems Activist

Ellen Gustafson is a social enterprise powerhouse in the business of solving worldwide, systemic issues. An award-winning innovator, author, food systems activist, and social entrepreneur, she knows how to make large-scale change happen. Lucky for us, Ellen will be sharing her personal journey, coupled with concrete steps for leveraging social enterprise to propel change at the next Mission Meet up. Register here to reserve your spot today!

As Co-Director of the Summit Institute, Ellen engages entrepreneurs to solve the world's biggest challenges. She authored “We the Eaters: If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World”, which delivers a wakeup call that inspires even the most passive reader to take action. Additionally, Ellen is the Co-Founder of food system change organizations Food Tank and HealthClass2.0, as well as FEED Projects and the FEED Foundation, a company and nonprofit that has helped provide over 100 million school meals to children globally. She has spearheaded impact-driven projects and strategic partnerships with companies such as Danone and Barilla, and developed a diversity, inclusion and anti-harassment program for Summit. We are thrilled to hear from her at the next Mission Meet Up, and hope you will join us!