What We Do

Since 2012, we've maximized the impact of more than 175 nonprofits and social enterprises. 

Mission Edge provides nonprofit and social enterprise communities with the resources and knowledge necessary to make business processes easier and maximize social impact. If your organization is looking to outsource business activities, gain a better understanding of best practices, or tap into expertise in the community, Mission Edge offers solutions!


Our Experts.

Mission Edge experts provide the resources and knowledge of over 30 years combined experience working in the nonprofit community.  We're here to help leaders focus on participant impact rather than administrative challenges.


Our Clients and Partners.

Our work helps further hundreds of different projects - all with their own mission - that positively impact thousands of individuals every day. Hear first hand from our clients and partners how we've worked together to do more good. 

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Our Financial Investment.

Mission Edge acts as the umbrella organization for individuals or projects, and administers funds on their behalf. We are legally responsible for funds received, ensure that funds are used for charitable purposes, and meet all donor-reporting requirements.

“As a founding board member of Mission Edge, we saw that nonprofits needed additional resources to further business goals. Pro-bono help only goes so far and back-office resources are always undervalued and underfunded. So, Mission Edge was formed to fill that gap.”
— David Lynn, Board Member

What We've Achieved



  • HOURS OF SERVICE Delivered: 125,000+