Fiscal Sponsorship & Start-up Services



Whether you are starting up or looking for a different way to carry on charitable activities without the arduous and expensive process of starting or maintaining your own nonprofit, Fiscal Sponsorship is the answer.

Offering both primary models of fiscal sponsorship, Mission Edge acts as the umbrella organization for a philanthropic group or project and administers the core financial, operational, and human resource functions. Mission Edge is legally responsible for the funds received on behalf of its projects and ensures that funds are used for charitable purposes while meeting all donor-reporting requirements and partnering to create overall operational excellence.

Perks of Fiscal Sponsorship

  • Increase Leverage - full back office support focused on Financial Management, HR Services, & Operations Support

  • Increase Access - join the nonprofit community with the reputation and support of Mission Edge to increase growth and impact.

  • Increase Education - Learn from and benefit from accessing Mission Edge's Finance, HR, and Operations professionals who are committed to the success of your project.


  • Comprehensive financial services - accounting, financial reporting, grants management, tax and audit filing

  • Full-service Human Resources -  payroll, benefits administration, maintaining compliance

  • Detailed Operational Support - legal and liability review, contract administration, risk mitigation, and insurance provision

  • Program development and mentoring

Fiscal sponsorship was a great choice for us when we started. We had an aggressive timeline and really benefited from having the infrastructure and support of a mature organization like Mission Edge behind us from day one.
— Sean Mahoney, Zero8Hundred

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